Stay healthy – easily

ISA, your AI health coach for movement,
ergonomics and water drinking during work.

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Stay healthy – easily

ISA, your AI health coach for movement,ergonomics and water drinking during work.

How ISA works

Frontalansicht ISA auf dem Schreibtisch

1. Stand and go

Place it on your desk, plug it in, ready to go. From now on, ISA detects your posture and movement behavior via a privacy-compliant 3D sensor.

2. AI evaluation in the background

Intelligent algorithms create an ongoing load profile in real time and identify unhealthy habits as well as improvement potential.

3. Continuous guidance

Via the screen, ISA guides users to perform exercises, sit ergonomically, drink enough, and much more. All instructions are intuitively designed and individually provided at the right time.


What ISA achieves


confirm a positive effect on their sitting posture.


perform exercises with ISA on a daily basis.


consciously interrupt longer sitting times.


drink more often
and regularly.


consider ISA as useful.


find the handling "totally intuitive“.


use ISA 4-5 days/week.


wish to have a
long-term use.

Results from independently conducted studies in various industrial corporations, service companies, financial institutions, research institutes and health insurances. Each study was conducted for 1-3 months and was supervised by corporate health experts from the healthcare sector and the companies. 

Mann dehnt sich am Arbeitsplatz

Effects for office workers


Less pain and more vitality


Prevention of long-term health effects


Convincing body language through upright posture


Inner balance and resilience through a healthy activity level

Effects for companies


Directly addressing the root cause of the most sick days: behavior while at work


Improved productivity


Reaches many employees at a low threshold – also in home offices


Expression of employee-friendly corporate culture

Three step introduction

1. Free demo call to demonstrate and clarify any open questions. (30 min)

2. Optional pilot project 

Planning meeting (30 min)

Pilot with 10-20 test users in your company for 1 month.

Further info

Your effort

  • Identifying the test users.

How we keep your effort minimal

  • We provide all required data protection documents.
  • We take care of logistics.
  • We conduct onboarding with all test users.
  • We are available as contact persons for the test users.
  • We provide a detailed and transparent evaluation of the results.

Evaluation discussion (30 min)

3. Together, we define your individual strategy for the long-term integration of ISA in your company. (60 min)